Utilising Vouchers and Discount codes to the Full

Shopping is a sort of mental peace to many of our agonies in life, and it applies to most of us here, to you too who is reading it. But, sometimes the same shopping creates a shock once the bills arrive. Many brands do offer sale period and we shop during them, yet the bills cross our limits and later we tend to repent or realise the mistakes that we do while shopping on sale. We often tend to think that since it's already on sale, we can purchase more items at a lesser price and actually end up buying more than we could or we thought of and later repent. So, how do you change this experience? How can you shop till your heart content and not feel guilty about it? How do you shop 'Smart'? Well, you might think that we are talking the impossible, but believe us, it's possible. Only if you become a little smarter in your thinking than you think you are!

How to Apply for Payday Loan

Yes, you read that right, it’s Possible!! How?? Using coupons, vouchers and coupon codes! In case you are a frequent online shopper, you might have used an e-billing or e-payment methods like E-bates or PayPal, you may have got codes or coupons or vouchers for your next shopping experience.

Or if you have signed up for a loyalty program with the company or brand you may receive coupons or vouchers that will give you a discount. But, have you used two or more codes and vouchers at the same time and have paid the least possible? Using credit card coupon, vouchers you get in email or as a message, all at the same time.

When it’s a little lucky time for you, you can earn a lot of rewards for the same purchase from different companies or ways. You can basically earn 3 types of rewards, like vouchers for buying stuff like clothes, sports needs, home accessories and other items that can be used for personal use.

Next, you get vouchers to be used when you travel, travel vouchers, or cold or liquid cash which is applicable for your next visit at the same page.

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Also, there is a loan condition mail which exclusively states your right according to the Act 1974 of Consumer Credit. Full details on loan repay procedure, cancellation of a loan and the usage of your personal details provided during the application will be given in the mail too.

After reading all the term and conditions, if you wish to continue with the application, you need to send your signature which your name with the answer to your security question. Once the provider receives your signature, the cash is sent to the bank details provided in your application form online.

Pick a Reliable Portal:


It’s pretty simple, ‘commissions’. It’s a thread for commissions from one party to another connected in the line of business. Shopping sites make money in commission for giving customer’s or consumers to various online merchants. A part of the same commission is given back as cash back or vouchers. The stackers take it a little further and earn a little by using these portals with additional reward points from other coupons. Take some points from us, all the newbie stackers.

Pick a Reliable Portal:

Make a list of top 5 shops that you wish to shop, mostly. Then head to any website that gives a cash back for shopping in that choice of your portal, says like Cashback Monitor, Dine out etc.; so that website or app which offers you the highest base percentage. These offers vary from each day, sometimes even the time of day matters. So, check just before you start the shopping so that you can get the latest offers right.


Now, compare the value of the cash back, to any other rewards that might be better, like travel vouchers. Example, such rewards and cash backs get you miles on the air travels but choose them if you are a frequent air traveller and an online shopper who utilises both equally.

Enrol for some reward programs:

Next step is to enrol for rewards or loyalty points in those chosen stores. Most of the times, they are absolutely free, only a few require you to pay a minimal charge. The problem with this type of enrolment is that you tend to forget the reward points remaining and they might expire before you even think of using it. Solution to this problem: don’t worry, there is an app to keep a record of all your reward points and cash back and keeps a track of its expiry too. So it’s a one stop solution to save all your vouchers.